Community Resources

Here at CRBC, we not only believe we should be spreading the gospel to our community, but also that we must be a help to them. While we are still a small church, our goal is to help as much as we can, and this page will be dedicated to that.

There will eventually be many resources on this page, some we will be affiliated or partnered with and active within, and others that are here simply as a help to others. When necessary we will be specific about those we support or are a part of, otherwise they are just possible helps to those in need. Any religious organization listed here operated out of another church or ministry is not necessarily endorsed on grounds of doctrine, but because they offer a service or resource that we do not. We will add resources as we find them, as well as they are submitted to us.

To submit your organization for listing, or  for possible future partnership please click the link below. We will likely NOT accept resources for class action lawsuits, or other legal issues unless deemed appropriate by church leadership.

steelbridge albuquerque

In the past five decades, thousands of people with nowhere else to turn have passed through the doors of STEELBRIDGE for a hot meal or other services. Each and every one of them has a unique testimonial to share, in most cases, a story of despair describing the tragic circumstances that led them to our door. Stories describing a health crisis, or loss of employment, or addiction to drugs and alcohol. Some have been on the street for years, some have been homeless for decades. 


At SeniorHousingNet, we aim to help older adults find housing that will meet their current and future care needs, while allowing the most active and social lifestyles possible. We believe that by helping seniors find the best communities with the appropriate level of care (such as home care, assisted living, or other types of care), they can continue to thrive – both mentally and physically. 

Retire guide - meals on wheels

Meals on Wheels is a nationwide program that provides older Americans nutritious meals and safety checks at little to no cost. The meals can be delivered to your home if you meet eligibility requirements, or you can go to a congregate nutrition site for socialization and food. If you struggle with isolation and meal prep, then Meals on Wheels could provide ease and companionship. 

Caring - Christian Senior Living

Christian senior living is becoming more popular, but it can still be difficult to find a community that fits your faith and care needs. This guide describes the most common standard senior living options and compares them to Christian senior living, highlighting the unique services and amenities available in faith-based communities. It also includes a list of resources that can help you pay for Christian senior care or reduce your other expenses, so you’ll have enough funds to pay for care on your own.