What does god want from you?

We arent going to have a discussion here on tithing - since the opinions seem to vary from church to church - so whatever reason has got you here, let us present some needs, and you decide what you want to give for. All funds go into the general fund of CRBC, and is used for the furtherance of the Gospel, upkeep of the Lord's property, and keeping the lights on.

Below are some current needs for the church - 


The roof of the sanctuary is almost 30 years old,  we need a new roof. The aim of putting a steeple is on hold until the roof is fixed.
The siding of the building, aged the same as the roof - is in need of a facelift. The goal is to look more like a church, than an old garage, and protect the siding that exists currently.
One of the large HVAC units on the sanctuary quit working before we entered the property, and needs to be replaced. It covers the back half of the building including the restrooms and nursery.
The parking lot is an old gravel lot that is older than the big building itself, and needs either paved or at the very least resurfaced and leveled. The lot needs gated, and a retaining wall built to prevent further erosion on the north side of the property.
 Landscaping needs to be redone as well, to bring life that once was back into this little corner.


On top of the ceiling panels that need to be replaced, we are in need of carpeting in the sanctuary, as well as vinyl for the little building/fellowship hall/Sunday School.
Some electrical problems exist in the sanctuary, as well as an overlapping desire with the exterior to eventually place windows along the walls.
We are blessed beyond measure with the facilities we have, but they need some work. Whether you can give $10, or $100,000 - anything helps as we seek to renovate God's house, and spread the gospel to the community and online. Some may see this as complaining, however it is far from it. We believe in directed prayers, and as Jeremiah 33:3 states, "Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not." How can people pray, unless they know what for?

Whatever you are able to donate, we thank you for - even if it is just prayers for our needs to be met.