Starting Something New

Something new to start? Why Not!!

As we come up on our two year anniversary in August - we are beginning to utilize more things on our web presence. The ability to spread the Gospel to people all around the world with the touch of a button is great - and something that we are going to be making use of through our YouTube channel, and our mobile app.

While this blog will be something simple, such as updates from our church staff, updates about our upcoming events or other pertinent information, we invite you dear reader to participate.

How can you participate? Well, if you live anywhere near, we would love to have you visit our church! We are a place looking for those who genuinely wish to serve God, and grow together with us, as we seek to reach out to our community. You can spread our videos through Facebook and other social media, and at some point in the near future, be able to give as the Lord leads to our ministry.

As we move forward, we hope to get our mobile app to be more useful for you, as well as eventually, Lord willing, have our own app that is not within another... That however, will be in the distant future, as God moves.

We thank you for visiting our little corner of the internet, and we hope to see you at church Sunday!

God Bless,

Bro. Jake 
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